Mars ms201 Flash File Without Password

Some important things about our team management

I want to say many things, but it is not possible to say so many things in writing. Even then, as much as can be written

or explained. The more time goes by, the harder the work becomes,It’s easy again. Before, when we used to work,

there was no box.It could be done by taking one to two boxes. And now it is not possible to work without a box.We

have to take some boxes. Otherwise we will not be able to flash. So that’s what I mean,You buy some good

boxes. Then you will see that your work has become much easier. Mars ms201 Flash File Without Password



Not to mention now

You need to have enough knowledge to flash the phone. Otherwise, you will not be able to do the work of the

flash. And yes, back up the file before flashing.


How to download and flash 

First, install the spd driver on your PC

Second, download the file from my website

Third, break the file and crush it

4rth, Open your box and show the specific file

5thTurn off the phone and flash

6th Hold the boot key tightly while flashing


We exchanged some important information

Being the model name MARS MS 201.I have done very little file size 3.54 mb.,Use any button on the bootkey sus as

,1 ,v-,v+ and etc.Did you know that this file is official?cpu used spd 6531e.Flash with the boxes cm2 and miraccel

crack 2.82.We provide the files completely free.Upload to Google Drive so you can easily download.

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How To Flash =LINK

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