Realmi 7i Edl Or Test Point

Assalamu Alaikum Sir,
How are you all?Hope you are well.I will talk to you today realmi 7i edl point or realmi 7i test point.realmi 7i phone really edl?Let me tell you something first.This is exactly the situation when I get.The phone totally hangs.Doesn’t work,Then I pressed the volume up button and the power button and held it for 30 seconds.Then the phone auto restarted.

Anyway, let’s get to the real thing now

We know that there are two types of memory used in the phone.1: EMMC 2. UFS The work of emmc is very simple.But the work of ufs is very difficult.

no need edl for ufs memory just isp by jtug plus and done.So drill very well during work.Otherwise your phone may die.

realme 7i full specifications

Brand Realmi
Model 7I
Chipset Snapdragon 662
memory / Stroge UFS 2.1
Version Android 11
Developer Gsmarman007

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