Samsung Galaxy A13 5G EDL Or Test Point

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136W | A136U Edl Or Test Point

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You need Snapdragon ic  and update mtk ic to work edl.  Required when you unlock PIN, Required when you unlock pattern, Required when you unlock all accounts on ur phone. And to do this job when 2 test points are shorted together.If you do not short test points, Then your desired device will not dedicate to your PC

How to connect in edl mode:

You can edl your desired phone in 2 ways.1 You need to open the phone and shorten 2 test points from your board. You need to open the phone and shorten 2 test points from your board. However, you have to do the second practice with money. And you can do the first practice yourself. Open the phone and connect the data cable by shorting 2 points. Then you can see your device manager’s port on the gas. Now you can do anything.

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Today I will talk about how to unlock Samsung Galaxy A13 5G pin, pattern, FRP, google account, flash, etc. This trick is just for Samsung Galaxy A13 5G. Download the unlock tool and log in with this iD password. If you do not have an ID password Then you can rent from me. Now you have to choose the right model. Now connect your Samsung Galaxy A13 5G phone. Just one click, There is nothing more to do.

Match the phone model well before flashing and unlocking. Take a good look at the picture on the back of the phone Then flash and unlock ur phone

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