Benco p21 price in Bangladesh and more info Flash File without password

Benco p21 price

Best Benco p21 price in bangladesh

Benco p21 price in Bangladesh



Dual Sim 




2.4 " QVGA + 240 x 320 pixels


1750mAh Li-ion

Brand Name


You can see benco p21 price in bangladesh phone details here And you will also get the flash file of this phone. Benco p21 is one of the leading phones in Bangladesh. The color display size of this device is 2.4 Inches

The battery too has a satisfactory 1750mAh capacity. Digital Camera setup is provided in this phone. Benco p21 phone feature is that you can easily customize your usage. The benco p21 price in bangladesh phone has become quite in popular.

The processor used in this device is 1 MHz Processor The screen buttons of the phone are all perfect. One thing to like about the phone.

Believe it or not, the phone supports Bluetooth – V2.1. Internal storage has been kept in mind while making the phone, Internal storage is given as 4 MB+4 MB.

It is one of the mid to high-range phones. According to the World A Mobile Phone Traders Association, the top 12-13 companies in the world today have invested over Rs 6 lakh crore. The production capacity of these companies is more than 7 crore units.

Because of this, I can say that this huge mobile handset world is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Moreover, by increasing import dependency, we can turn it into an important industry.

The benco p21 price in Bangladesh And more relevant info Flash File without password

There Is No Password In The File. There are so many types of files on my website. None of them have a password.

I give all the files for free, I checked .this file manually. There is no problem with the file. Let me know if there are any problems.

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How to download and flash

First, install the spd or mtk driver on your PC.

Second, download the file from my website.

Third, break the file and crush it.

4rth, Open your box and show the specific file.

5thTurn off the phone and flash.

6th Hold the boot key tightly while flashing.

Look at the picture first then download

Benco p21 price in Bangladesh

We exchanged some important information “Benco p21 price in Bangladesh”

Being the model name Benco p21. I have done very little file size 3.54 MB., Use any button on the boot key sus as

,1 ,v-,v+ and etc. Did you know that this file is official? CPU used spd 6531e. Flash with the boxes cm2 and miracle

crack 2.82. We provide the files completely free. Upload to Google Drive so you can easily download.

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