Top 5 Best Phone Companies

Today I will talk about the top 5 mobile companies

There are many mobile companies at present. But not all mobile companies make good devices. Everyone makes devices to do business. Very few companies make good service or good quality devices. Today I will discuss some of the mobile companies. Those who are in the business as well as the customer with a good quality device in the minds of customers year after year. So let’s start without exaggerating

First, we start with the number 5 (OnePlus)

We can place the number 5 one plus Companies. In 2014, this one-plus company suddenly left the hustle and bustle in the smartphone market.No one has ever heard of this phone before. Didn’t see any ads. But the 1+ company flew from the sky and sat across the smartphone market, needless to say, this is a very good quality company. But to occupy the market in such a hurry but not less is not possible! And it is far ahead of all the smartphone companies of today. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. You see advertisements of many companies on TV. But if you are told how many ads of one plus have caught your eye? Then you have to think! When the company launched its phone in the market in 2014, it did not show any ad. Usually, the beginning of one plus starts in a small cafe. The main goal was to work with high-quality hardware and software. And they also plan to make the device more user-friendly. Finally one plus one launched a device in 2014. But not the way other companies launch devices in the market.OnePlus has a different selling process. ( Invite system ) .This means that you can buy a One Plus phone only when you are invited to it. one plus as a new company had no idea it would capture the market in such away. Since then, the OnePlus market has been buzzing with every launch. In 2014, the OnePlus On-device was able to sell up to 1.5 million units.

The 4th company we can put in is (Huawei)



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